Insulin and Weight loss – Keyword


Insulin is a very important hormone, but when we eat too frequently we produce too much of the storage hormone.
The Cure For Insulin
Fortunately there is quite an simple cure for insulin. This cure does not require that you take expensive pills or medication, or that you consume anything. The cure for insulin actually requires that you do the opposite.
When we eat, insulin is secreted into our blood stream. Insulin takes the energy from that food and puts it into various cells including our fat cells for later usage.
When we stop eating, the levels of insulin in our blood stream drops. This allows the energy that is in our fat cells to be slowly released into the bloodstream so that other cells in the body can use that energy.
The cure for chronically elevated insulin then is quite simple. Eat some food in the form of a meal, stop eating, and then do not eat until your next meal. With this eating structure (which is the structure all humans throughout history have used), levels of insulin return to normal and your body will finally release fat instead of hoarding and accumulating it.

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6 Meals A DAY Hypothesis

Currently there are a lot of recommendations that people should eat 5 or 6 small meals throughout the day rather than the standard 2 or 3 larger meals. The idea is that by eating smaller meals your metabolism will increase, thus burning more calories
Does this theory stand up?
According to research, the theory is actually true yet insignificant in the big picture. Byeating smaller meals throughout the day you will be able to increase your metabolism by about 30 calories. However there are many problems with this frequent meal eating approach.
The first and most obvious is that 30 calories per day really isn’t that much. It’s not even enough to cover a small spoon of peanut butter. In order to make this work then, you would need to meticulously measure and prepare your meals so that you are eating the exact amount of calories. In other words, you would need to be on a very strict diet.
Another, often overlooked problem with this eating strategy, is what it does to your levels of insulin. When you are constantly eating your body will be releasing insulin into your bloodstream. This hormone takes calories and stores them as fat. It also prevents the release of any of your current fat stores. So you may be burning an extra 30 calories, but you could still be getting fatter because all that eating is flooding your bloodstream with insulin!
Finally, eating more frequently throughout the day gives you permission to eat whenever you want. All unskillful eaters have this problem. They have no boundaries, no rules. This is a sure-fire way to accumulate unwanted body fat.
A simple solution is to return to a set-schedule eating pattern with two or three meals per day. This will ensure that you are not nibbling and snacking throughout the day, which is the primary culprit when it comes to gaining weight.
Again the idea here is that by grazing you will somehow be giving your body a constant supply of energy. This misconception is derived from the notion that as soon as you eat food, it is converted into energy immediately and therefore can be used immediately. What actually happens is that when food enters the stomach, our body needs to break it down and decide what it is going to do with it. Some food will be used, some will be stored, and what is not needed will be eliminated. However, when you graze the food that you eat will almost always be stored.

The reason is that grazing promotes a constant release of insulin which is the storage hormone. When insulin is present it hoards all of the energy that is derived from the food and sticks it into your fat cells. It doesn’t matter if your cells are screaming for some energy, when insulin is present it will store everything if it can. So you could end up in a situation where you have very low levels of cell energy because all of the food that you are eating is going straight into your fat cells! This is what the behavior of grazing can do for you, and this is the most potent recipe for fat accumulation.

So when we graze we get fat and then we go on a diet to lose weight. This locks doen our fat stores so when we restore our normal eating pattern our body doesn’t allow any fat to be released anymore. You have just trained yourself to store and hoard instead of release and use!