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Jessie Shea

Everybody teaches you how to diet, but nobody teaches you how to eat.  The E.E. program has given me the tools to become a grownup and a skillful eater. Now I’ve lost my ‘baby fat’ because I no longer eat like a baby!

Cathy H, Personal Trainer

I am a personal trainer. So for me Evolutionary Eating just been the most important thing that has happened to me over the past few years. Like my clients, I found it was becoming harder to control my weight. Everything that had once worked for me no longer did. When I was in my 20’s if I gained a few pounds I would just exercise hard for a few weeks and I would lose it. But once I hit 30 it all changed. Even 5 pounds was a struggle to shift. And any time I did manage to lose the weight, it always returned right away.

I’ve been on through all the stuff that doesn’t work. But with Evolutionary Eating I’ve been able to finally regulate my weight. I now have something that I can recommend to my clients that actually works.


I’ve finally understood where I went wrong with all my crazy dieting. Everything is so clear now, and the time has come to face the facts: I fought the wrong battle with the completely wrong weapons. After many years of restrictive diets, boomerang effects and health issues, I can happily say: I’m FREE!

Thank you, Evolutionary Eating, for showing me the huge mistakes I kept doing over and over again. I’m on the right track of changing my horrible habits.

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