About Theresa Nesbitt, author

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Dr. Theresa is medical doctor and surgeon who is no longer practicing. She promotes health and wellness by offering general information that people can use as appropriate to change their lifestyle.

Statement from Dr. Theresa

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For many years, I was Theresa Nesbitt, MD. I delivered babies, performed surgeries, counseled patients, and cured diseases. I won awards and recognition for teaching and research. I was a caring and compassionate medical doctor for any patients who crossed my path.

After years of focusing on the disease process, I became interested in how to actively promote wellness. I decided to move on from traditional medicine. Eventually, I chose to focus full time on wellness and health coaching instead of my active medical practice.


For the first time in my life, I began to enjoy and excel at exercise. In school, I had excelled in academics, not sports. But at midlife, I was amazed to find that ballroom and Latin dancing lessons led to victories in dance competitions. As my body awareness improved, I became certified in Russian Kettlebells and other movement therapies.

To fix a mysterious onset of occasional double vision, I saw a behavioral optometrist. He gave me corrective exercises and drills. My balance and coordination improved in a few weeks and I felt freedom of movement that I had never experienced before.

Then I discovered a movement training system called Z-Health. Z-Health uses small, precise joint movements, often combined with eye positions, as a means of neuromuscular retraining. I was one of Z-Health’s Master Trainers. I learned to do things effortlessly that I would never have dreamed possible — from balancing on one foot to shooting a basketball.

As a physician, I was always looking for faster and better solutions. Surgery works fast and often very well, but neuromuscular retraining works even faster and with almost no risk!

I no longer have an active medical practice. Instead of delivering babies, I deliver advice through workshops and speaking. I’m still an M.D. But today I think of myself more as a “movement doctor” than a medical doctor. I’m eager to share the knowledge I have gained in my personal journey.


I help people recognize and activate their own inborn self-healing mechanism. This mechanism is in our DNA. This mechanism can be activated by proper food, movement and other practices. We can all benefit from better eating, sleep and moving.

I used to say that I don’t deliver babies, I just catch them. I was amazed by the miracle of birth. Today I share a similar amazement at the miracle of improved health.

I am enthralled with the human nervous system, and the powerful connections between mind and body. It makes me feel so excited and stunned by the miraculous capacity humans have to change and regenerate throughout our lifetimes.

People come to me and they want me to fix them. They think they are broken or sick. What I do is show them that they’re not broken, they’re just confused. With some changes in their lifestyle, they heal themselves. I don’t get to see them born, but I get to see them reborn.

I don’t tell people what to do. I tell them how their body works and give them suggestions for how to make it work better. Then they do things for themselves. Instead of seeing their life as one of degeneration, and instead see their life as regeneration. Instead of looking down and feeling old, they look up and think next year they will even better.